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Finally back on the road! 😁

In August 2022, I returned home from a track day event with a broken differential and cracked rear brake rotors. I already knew that the differential was overdue, as it there was a high buildup of metallic particles in the differential fluid. With a mileage of 170.000 km (106k miles), I decided it was time to replace all other parts accessible after removing the torque tube, transmission and differential.

From August 2022 to April 2024, time was spent to disassemble the drivetrain, saving up money for parts, waiting for parts to arrive and doing the actual work:

The only issue remaining is to replace the rear wheel bearings. They make a horrible noise, as the lubrication dried out when the rear brake rotors overheated and cracked. 

During the first test drive, I discovered some issues that also needs to be fixed
  1. Clutch is dragging. The Spec II clutch kit does not work well with the stock master cylinder. The clutch is dragging causing gear lock out, it is almost impossible to shift from high RPMs. A google search indicates that the solution is a Tick adjustable master cylinder, which increases the throw of the master and moves more fluid, which again allows the slave to expand the additional distance required to fully free the clutch
  2. The ECP radiator installed 4 years ago is leaking coolant
  3. The rear wheel bearings need urgent replacement. They were fried together with the brakes, so the lubrication has dried out.