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Monitoring critical engine data

  The stock head unit is removed and replaced with a small single board amplifier. I used the free space to mount a 8 inch tablet running Microsoft Windows. By using a HP Tuners OBDII-adapter and the VCM Scanner application, I can monitor engine data which is critical during track days. The gauges turn red when any values are below/above defined thresholds, e.g. oil temperature above 130°C (266°F) or oil pressure below 20 psi, so only a quick glance can give an overview of the status.

Trackday report

Finally time for a new trackday, Vålerbanen again. Now with a larger 30 row oil cooler and a Trackspec hood vent installed, but to my frustration the oil temperature still exceeded 130 deg C after a few laps. So there will be a "Never ending oil temperature story - part 4" Except for the oil temperature, the car ran great. Engine, clutch, gearbox, brakes, tires - not a single hick-up. [Edit: Incorrect. A rear brake rotor cracked and the differential failed] I did set a new personal best time, and judged by the video, reducing the lap time further should be possible. Less braking, more precise lines, higher cornering speed. The Hoosier tires provide amazing grip, which I still have to learn to use. Corners can be taken at a much higher speed than my brain thinks, which is evident as I didn't have a single mid corner incident (like carrying too much speed) the whole day. My focus was on driving, so I didn't notice the broken audio cable or that I mismatched the on/off

Trackday with throttle Auto-Blip

Trackday on Vålerbanen, 8 august 2021 My first trackday on sticky Hoosier tires. They provide magical grips levels, to an extent which requires pushing braking zones and cornering speeds far out of my comfort zone. Hope I'll be able to push harder next time. The throttle blip on braking is now managed by the Auto-Blip unit. It only took a few laps to calibrate it correctly, to get the delay and throttle blip to suit my driving style. The throttle-blip really helped to offload my brain on corner entry, where I've spent too much time coordinating all the steps. The engine is still running too hot when pushed above 5500 rpm, further cooling upgrades needed. Thanks to "Trackday Innlandet" for arranging the event.

Track day - VACN Solør

 A new track day, where I could have fun on the track without worrying about the health of the car. A new engine oil cooler kept the oil temperatures down while a vacuum bleed and fluid change of the clutch slave- and master cylinder solved gear change issues on high RPMs. View from Nissan R32