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Trackday with throttle Auto-Blip

Trackday on VĂ„lerbanen, 8 august 2021

My first trackday on sticky Hoosier tires. They provide magical grips levels, to an extent which requires pushing braking zones and cornering speeds far out of my comfort zone. Hope I'll be able to push harder next time.

The throttle blip on braking is now managed by the Auto-Blip unit. It only took a few laps to calibrate it correctly, to get the delay and throttle blip to suit my driving style. The throttle-blip really helped to offload my brain on corner entry, where I've spent too much time coordinating all the steps.

The engine is still running too hot when pushed above 5500 rpm, further cooling upgrades needed.

Thanks to "Trackday Innlandet" for arranging the event.