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1000m runway drag

My first drive on a drag strip. Not really a drag strip, but a 2000 m long runway in the mountains in Dagali, Norway. We had the opportunity to use 1000 m, with ~500 m for braking. I failed completely on the first attempts. Too much adrenaline and wish to go fast, so the tires didn't hook before 3rd gear. I learned had to drop the launch RPM down to almost idle and feather the throttle to maintain traction. I guess it didn't help with 6 year old Kinforest 280 UTQC rear tires and an air temperature of only 5-6 degC. The HP Tuners log reported a speed of 239 km/h at ~ 1000 m. Not too bad with too bad launches. NOTE: I'm driving the black C5Z, which appear on the right. The attempt to heat the tires was not a success.