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ICT billet ignition coil brackets

A V8 engine shouldn't be covered by plastics, so I removed the plastic valve covers. This only reveals a new layer of connectors and sheet metal brackets, this is clearly not an engine designed to be put on display. I replaced the sheet metal brackets with ICT billet ignition coil brackets, which helped somewhat (I also have to do something with the coil pack connectors). In hindsight, valve covers with integrated coil posts would have been even better.

Trackspec T1 hood vent

Heat management is still an issue on track days, so I decided to add a Trackspec hood vent. Trackspec T1 hood vent Optimized louver design to maximize extraction flow velocities within a vehicle in motion Reduces under hood pressure delta to reduce front end lift and increase net vehicle downforce. Significantly reduces under hood temperatures by extracting heat and allowing fresh cold air to enter the engine bay. Maximize life of engine accessories by reducing overall operating temperature. Increases dense, cold air flow through radiator to promote lower coolant temperatures. -exactly what my C5Z needs! I managed to source a second hand T1 hood vent in good condition. For the install, I decided to use countersunk hex screws rather than pop rivets, as I don't like the look of pop rivets (it is not a kit car, after all). To countersunk a screw, you need enough material thickness for the screw head. I looked up some tables and concluded that M3 (3 mm) screws would work. An Ø6.3 mm 90

Rear spoiler - SpoilerKing 284P

A small rear spoiler corrects the "missing link” on the rear end of the C5 FRC/Z06. After adding the spoiler there was a noticeable increase in wind noise, so it might also add some downforce.

Smoked corner lights, painted air intake mesh

The stock corner lights were cracked and melted by the halogen bulbs. I replaced them with smoked corner lights and installed type 2 LEDs along with the required hyperflash relay. The type 2 LED has white illumination, but when the flash lights are activated the white LED turns completely off to give an orange flash only. The stock air intake mesh looks like a boy racer item, so I toned the appearance down by painting them black. From this To this