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Transmission fluid temperature in the DIC

Did you know that the Z06 has a differential fluid temperature sensor that allows you to read the temperature in the DIC*/LCD display)? The reading is not available by default, but is added to the DIC after a "high trans temp" warning, which is activated when the transmission temperature exceeds 130°C (266°F) for more than 10 minutes. The trans fluid value can then be selected for viewing in the DIC similar to oil and coolant temperature. The sensor is a part of the the fluid fill plug in the T56 transmission.  The high thresholds are also why most owners have never seen the warning, as it will hardly ever happen during normal use. During continous heavy load on track days or circuit racing, the warning thresholds are actually too high. The fluid temperature can raise far beyond 130°C before the driver is notified, due to the 10 minute delay. Above 130°C, gear oils starts to break down and lose its viscosity. This can create a viscious circle of increasing friction and temper