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Rerouted and shorter rear brake lines

The stock routing of the rear brake lines looks completely illogical (probably due to factory assembly procedures). The brake lines run from above the transmission, down to the rear of the differential and then back again across the rear subframe. 

By rerouting the brake lines, the driveline can later be removed without considering the brake lines. My plan was to straighten and reuse the original brake lines, but my flare kit quickly failed as it couldn't handle the hard steel. I can't spend a fortune on a tool I'll use once, so with "Made in China" I switched to nickel copper brake lines, which are softer and easier to form.

To make the correct bubble flares, I used this method: Make a Bubble Flare with a Double Flare Kit
New shorter brake lines in place.
I used a steel wire to make a template for bending and cutting the new brake lines. This works for both sides, but the length of the top section depends on how you bend the brake lines in the car (click on the picture to enlarge). All measurements are outside.

Funny side note: I had initially ordered two 100 cm prefabricated brake lines. This is what happens when you get the units mixed up. "cm" vs "mm". My brain didn't find it logical that "mm" was the unit in use.