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Pilot bearing replacement

I decided to install a new pilot bearing when replacing the flywheel and clutch. Notice that the tip of the propeller shaft, which is supported by the pilot bearing, has turned blue. This is an oxide layer forming on steel heated above 205 °C (401 °F), indicating that the pilot bearing has worn and heated up due to high friction. The surface is perfectly smooth and runout is within specification, so I'm reusing the propeller shaft.
A bearing puller is required to remove the pilot bearing. It is necessary to totally mangle the bearing, as the tool does not get a good grip on the outer bearing race. The internal bearing race is crushed and the steel rollers drop out (beware!), at this point the bearing puller can be reinstalled so that it grips the outer bearing race from the top.
It took a few attempts to get a good grip, and then it finally came out.
New bearing installed. Notice that the chamfered side is out, this side also has an O-ring to protect the needle bearings from contamination. A few gentle taps was all that was required to seat it.