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Built 4.10 rear differerential

Late April, and the spring finally arrived with temperatures making it possible to start on the pending repairs.  
This is what the T-1000 Terminator is made of; liquid metal drained from a Getrag differential.
A magnet picked up a lot of metal shavings. 
The output shafts have significant play, which is an indication of worn clutch packs and belleville washers, and possibly broken output shaft stubs (I will find out when I disassemble the differential later). With all these issues, this differential needs a complete rebuild. It is hard to find specialists with the knowledge and the tools required to perform this work in Norway. The cost of shipping the differential to the USA and back for a rebuild is also excessive, due to the weight.

Built 4.10 differential

  • C6 Z06 output stub shafts
  • C7 Z06 clutch packs
  • Motive 4.10 ratio ring and pinion gear
  • New bearings, carriers and seals

To ensure that history does not repeat itself, I'm not on a track day again until a differential oil cooler is in place (and a transmission oil cooler too).