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Winter is coming...

Before I could finish the Corvette the winter returned with freezing temperatures. I'm not sure I have the required will-power to crawl around on the garage floor in these conditions. Anyway, I'm too late for any test drive - with snow and road salt back on the roads.

Work left to do
  • Engine oil and oil filter
  • Engine air filter
  • Transmission oil
  • Differential oil (Never ever again in freezing temperatures)
  • Clutch fluid, fill and bleed
  • Loctite and final torque on clutch pressure plate bolts
  • Bellhousing inspection cover
  • Center tunnel plate
  • Exhaust. Front, center and mufflers
  • Gear lever, interior
River passing by the property

The More it Snows

The more it snows (tiddely-pom)
The more it goes (tiddely-pom)
The more it goes on snowing (tiddely-pom)

And nobody knows (tiddely-pom)
How cold my toes (tiddely-pom)
How cold my toes are growing
Tiddely-pom, tiddely-pom, tiddely-pom, tiddely-pom