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Flexible seat belt receiver for racing seat

The previous owner has installed a nice Sparco Evo 2 racing seat, but I don't like how the seat belt receiver is mounted to the seat bracket. The receiver is too high up on the waist, in an impact the driver can slide under the belt and or get fatal abdominal injuries.

After some Googling, I found a flexible seat belt receiver on GM Parts Giant for only $5.80, made for the rear seats of a Buick Envision. GM part number 84690213 (topmost picture).
The Corvette clip is slightly wider than the clip out of a sedan, so the Buick receiver has to be modified. I'm used to this in European cars, where the clip and receiver is coded to each other, e.g. making it impossible to install the rear left or right passenger clip in the center receiver.
Some seconds with a Dremel carbide cutter and the issue is resolved
The flexible seat belt receiver is now routed through the side of the seat, which is far safer for the driver.