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Delay due to damaged clutch kit from Summit Racing

Guess what happens when a flywheel, a pressure plate and a clutch disk are free bounce around in a box across the Atlantic Ocean?

I purchased a new LUK OEM clutch kit from Summit Racing. The clutch kits from LUK are sent in a cardboard box without any protection and everything inside is free to bounce around. Across the Atlantic Ocean, this is bound to go wrong. Nobody would cover the damage, as I used a forwarding courier to send the kit from the USA to Norway. Summit Racing also refused to send or sell me a new clutch disk. Sold separately it has the same price as a complete kit. Not the best customer service by Summit Racing, I have to say.

So, to get my Corvette on the road again - I have to purchase a second clutch kit!

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results", so I did not order another clutch kit from Summit Racing.  I was lucky to source a lightly used Spec stage 2 clutch kit from a nice fellow in Alabama, who sent the parts to Norway in a box as secure as Fort Knox.

The entire process of complaining to Summit Racing, the forwarding courier, waiting for feedback and then sourcing a new clutch kit didn't take days or weeks - it ended up taking several months. In the end, I lost the whole driving season with the Corvette.

Update 13 february 2024

After posting a thread about my issues on, I finally got attention from Summit Racing. A few days after receiving this e-mail, a new clutch disk arrived at the post office!