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Trackday report

Finally time for a new trackday, VĂ„lerbanen again. Now with a larger 30 row oil cooler and a Trackspec hood vent installed, but to my frustration the oil temperature still exceeded 130 deg C after a few laps. So there will be a "Never ending oil temperature story - part 4"

Except for the oil temperature, the car ran great. Engine, clutch, gearbox, brakes, tires - not a single hick-up. [Edit: Incorrect. A rear brake rotor cracked and the differential failed]

I did set a new personal best time, and judged by the video, reducing the lap time further should be possible. Less braking, more precise lines, higher cornering speed. The Hoosier tires provide amazing grip, which I still have to learn to use. Corners can be taken at a much higher speed than my brain thinks, which is evident as I didn't have a single mid corner incident (like carrying too much speed) the whole day.

My focus was on driving, so I didn't notice the broken audio cable or that I mismatched the on/off switch on the upside down mounted Virb. Conclusion: Audio and other cars are 99% of the experience.

Wheels changed, ready for action

Hoosier tires at the end of the day, now two track day events on them. They wear exceptionally well, seems like I've got the wheel alignment right. 

Don't drive with your nannies on

I drove the car in competition mode, as I wanted a safety margin. The previous track day was 1 year ago, feeling quite rusty behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this cause the electronics to correct corner entry and exit slides by applying the rear brakes. They ran too hot and the rotors cracked.