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Bye bye Bose!

Analog audio broadcast is history in Norway and replaced by DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), and with a CD changer trying to play Johnny Cash and Mark Knopfler simultaneously, I was left with a useless head unit. No radio, no CDs.

I didn't want to spend too much money on an expensive and heavy 2 DIN unit and speakers, so the head unit is now replaced by an old Windows tablet and a single board 2x50W amplifier with bluetooth.

The Bose door speaker units are replaced by two 6.5" speakers and new speaker cable wiring (the existing speaker wires can't be reused, as they are wired for a differential configuration).

Total cost less than $150, with a "head unit" with much more capabilities than a traditional 2 DIN unit. I can install my own software and configure it completely to my liking, and even use it with HP Tuners to display engine management data.

As the head unit was replaced by a single board amplifier, I blocked off the location using plexiglass. When you paint plexiglass on the back side, it looks like a highly polished surface. By heating a plexiglass plate I made a custom tablet holder, then glued it in place using acetone and plexiglass shavings. The new setup surprisingly plays with higher fidelity and more power than the Bose hardware.

The single board amplifier

The windows tablet is now used to play radio broadcasts.

Bose amplifiers and speakers replaced with 6.5" speakers and new speaker wires.