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HPtuners - ECU remap

While changing the spark plugs, I was bothered by the secondary air injection pipes blocking access. Suddenly, the whole system was on the garage floor! -This triggered multiple fault codes, giving me the perfect excuse to purchase HP Tuners.

Using HP Tuners, the air pump activation was disabled and the associated fault codes disabled. Obviously, I couldn't stop there and I've now spent quite a few hours researching what other settings I could tweak without affecting the fuel and ignition base maps.
  • Disable all engine torque management/reduction and reduce traction control sensitivity
  • Reduce sensitivity to IAT and ECT below 100 °C (don't retard timing)
  • Disable CAGS/skip shift function
  • Disable column lock failure speed limit
  • Reduce the transmission temperature warning to 120 °C (the trans temp will then be shown in the DIC).
  • Reduce cooling fan activation temperature, and also activate fans after ignition off
  • Turn off AC compressor above 65% throttle
  • Disable cat over temp protection (there is no sensor, only a prediction)
I have an Innovate LC-2 wide band waiting to be installed, the plan is to run a MAF calibration and tune the map to a leaner air/fuel ratio on full throttle (it is running too rich stock).