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Removed carpets and headliner - too much noise!

Back in July 2020, I relocated the battery to the trunk and inspired by Colin Chapman's philosphy of adding lightness, I also removed the rear carpets. Then in spring of 2024, I also removed the headliner as it was damaged by a water leak. Combined, this made the interior so noisy that driving the car was terrible. I could hear all kinds of noises that are normally filtered out, so I would constantly worry that something was broken. The torque tube, differential, driveshafts and engine all play a mechanical orchestra that you are not supposed to tune in to, but the interior with no sound deadening materials works as an amplifier and makes it impossible to ignore. The whole drievtrain was also noticeably more noisy with a lightweight aluminium flywheel.
The end result was that that I didn't enjoy driving the car. Time to reverse the changes, and oh my was it nice to take the drive for a spin after the carpets were back in!