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Headliner removal

I noticed that the edges of the headliner had dropped further and had become visible through the windscreen. I had purchased a second hand headliner in good condition a few years earlier, which made the process of removing the headliner an easy one: I cut the headliner in sections using a scissor and pulled it out! This way I did not have to remove any interior plastic at all, which is a big bonus as most plastics in this car disintegrates during removal. I didn't even have to remove the sun shades, as the headliner material could simply be pulled out from underneath the plastic tabs.
The headliner is made up for several layers. One layer is actally cardboard, guess what happens when it gets humid! It had made a stinky slimy mess, no wonder that the cabin smelled strange.

Stinky stuff removed. The plastic and polystyrene is additional head protection added to later C5 model cars, which contributes to less headroom in the cabin. The spare headliner I have doesn't have these parts attached.
Headliner removed. This reminds me of the Lotus Elise which comes like this from the factory, so I might keep it like this if it doesn't prove too noisy.

Beware: The headliner contains fibreglass. Wear protection. I itches...for several days.