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Wideband - failed with O2 probe post cat

The Innovate wideband O2 sensor install wasn't a success. I installed the probe after the catalytic converter, which throws off the O2 readings. It measures AFR ~14.7 most of the time. That is not true, as I can see the ECM switching out of closed loop on load.

I was hoping that I could recalibrate the MAF to zero out the fuel trim values, but I'll remove the wideband for now and get back to it when/if I install long tube manifolds.

The voltage cut-off  for the electric power steering also seemed like a good idea in my head, but it is annoying to wait 10 seconds for power steering assistance after starting the engine. First there is a delay for the battery voltage to raise above the threshold, then for the power steering pump to wind up. I'll replace the voltage cut-off with a switch!